Detex ProxiPen Quick Start Guide
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Detex ProxiPen Quick Start


Load the software, connect the reader cradle.

Remove the spacer that protects the battery in the ProxiPen. 
** Don’t over tighten – just make it snug.

On a sheet of paper, draw a map of the locations where the “Stations” (Tags) will be.

Name these stations.  Write these names on the removable labels. 

1 Roof    2 Dock   3 Elevator   4 Pool   5 Server Room  and so-on

At the top of the sheet, put down the names of the patrolmen – if you want to track the guards.  The software can create reports by guard, and reports by individual “tour.”

At the top of the sheet, put down the names of the Tours.  Even Tour 1, Tour 2, etc.
The same with the Guards.  Like Ed, Mike, Susan, or G1, G2, G3 and so-on




When you set up the software, define each tour and read the Tag that you marked.

Upload the reads to the software.

Put the names in place of the TAG (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…)

Next, read the tags in order 1 – 20. 

Reserve 1 – 4 for the patrolmen names.

Upload them.  Rename them in the software.

Next, read the Tours Tags.  Upload them.  Rename them.

To create a tour, simply select from your menus of tours and tags.

Go out, place the tags on location.

This should get you started.