Shop Bells

Shop Bells

Shop bells for manufacturing and fabrication shops.  Bells for farms and schools! 

Bells are used for recess, end of services, alerting workers to start and stop working.  Bells keep the employees from stopping work too early, or starting their shift only after wearing down the supervisor.  The bell becomes the bad-guy. Shop bells alert people when a delivery arrives.  Some shop bells have interval timers, so you press START (or RING), then it automatically rings again, 10 or 15 minutes later.  This way your breaks can be consistently the same lenght, even if they are not always at the same time.  Shop bells are normally controlled by work shift timers.  Workshift timers can be stand-alone, they can be local or they can be controlled off-site.  Shop bells can be a part of a synchronized time and attendance system.  

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