Amano ATVS TS-3000i Frequently Asked Questions
TS-3000i® TimeSync Web Clock
Do I have to connect my TS-3000i® TimeSync Web Clock directly to a computer?
No. The TS-3000i® TimeSync Web Clocks are connected directly to a network Ethernet connection. They are never connected physically to your computer.
Will the TS-3000i® work with a dial-up internet connection?
No. The TS-3000i® requires a high speed (broadband) internet connection.
Do I have to create a configuration profile to setup my TS-3000i® Web Clock?
No. Your TS-3000i® comes with a default configuration profile. However, in order to customize your TS-3000i® Web Clock to your requirements, you must first create a unique configuration profile to provide some basic information, like a user name, password, email address, time servers, etc.
Do I have to provide an e-mail address to setup my clock configuration profile?
Yes, but only if you want e-mail notification.
When setting up your TS-3000i® clock configuration profile for e-mail notification, you are asked for a from and a to e-mail addresses. This enables the TS-3000i® Web Clock to automatically direct alerts to these destination addresses, if you choose to enable them.
Do I have to create a new configuration profile each time I get another TS-3000i® Unit?
No. One configuration file is all that is needed for multiple clocks. The shared configuration file can be copied to multiple TS-3000i® clocks using the utility that came with the clock CD.
Do I have to connect the TS-3000i® directly to my computer to configure it?
No. A direct connection is not needed between the computer and the TS-3000i® for configuration. Configuration is completed using the TS-3000i® Web page via a browser, see for additional support.
Do I need to have my TS-3000i® connected to the internet at all times?
Yes, if you are using an external NIST NTP Time Server.
The TS-3000i® normally works by regularly requesting and receiving time validation from one of the 18 default NIST NTP Time Servers via the internet. This requires the TS-3000i® to be connected to the internet at all times. However, if this is not possible, you can configure the TS-3000i® to validate time by connecting to an internal Time Server (see Time Sync Time Servers).

No, if you lose Internet [time server] connection, the TS-3000i® will maintain the time for up to 24 hours before notification of time sync validation. Also, if a schedule should occur during the Internet connection failure, time sync validation failure will occur.
If I lose my internet connection, will I lose my time data on the clock display?
No. As long as you retain AC power and/or have the FPR option, the TS-3000i® will remain fully operational with time data displayed on the clock. However, if the Internet connection is lost for greater than 24 hours you will be notified on the clock display of time synchronization failure. The display is updated at regular intervals (depending on the schedule selected) and maintains its time data until a new time validation is performed. If the TS-3000i® loses its connection to the internet, the data will be updated again when the connection is restored.
How long does the built-in coin battery last in my TS-3000i® Unit?
Estimated built-in coin battery life for an average TS-3000i® Web Clock is 5 years.
How often does the time get validated and updated on my TS-3000i® clock?
A minimum of once every 24 hours, with a maximum of 12 times per day, or once every 2 hours.
Will e-mail alerts work if my internet connection is interrupted?
Yes. The TS-3000i® only needs to have a connection to the network to produce e-mail alerts.
If the power goes out, will my TS-3000i® Web Clock still receive updates?
As long as the internet connection is live and you have the FPR option, the time validation updates will continue.
If the power goes out, and my TS-3000i® Web Clock does not have the FPR and/or PoE options will I lose my clock configuration and/or transaction reports?
No. All clock configuration and transaction reports are always stored in flash memory.
If the power goes out, and my TS-3000i® Web Clock does not have the PoE and/or FPR option will I lose Time and Date?
No. The rolling calendar in the clock is maintained for up to 1 year by a built-in coin battery.
If the power goes out, and my TS-3000i® Web Clock has the FPR opt