How to change the time on your Acroprint Punch Clock

How to set the time on an old-fashioned Acroprint and Lathem punch clock:

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Acroprint 125 and 150.   Click here for the owners manual
Simple answer:  Fall Back:  Unplug it for one hour.
Spring forward:  To the left of the 9 is a bar, it clicks every minute.
                           As soon as it clicks, unplug the clock.  Press that bar down 60 times
                           (one hour) and the face and movement will advance together..
                           Plug it back in.
Cincinnati 100011
 Unplug it for an hour.  Spring forward:  There is a large gear on the top of the movement.
As soon as it clicks, unplug it.  Force that gear to the right until 60 minutes has passed.
Plug it back in.

Lathem 2000, 3000, and 4000 series mechanical clock
Fall back:  Unplug it for an hour.
Spring forward:  The owners manual has a complicated method, 
Spring forward, our way:  Tip the movement up like you are going to change the ribbon.
Under the movement is a large wheel.  Spin it to the right 60 times.  Each click is a minute.
Do NOT push the hands to set the time.

Amano MJR7000 and MJR8000
Put the key in the top, turn it to the right:  Press 10E  # # then the new time in 0-23 hours and minutes.  1122AM is 1122.  3:56PM is 1556.  press the numbers, press E.  Turn and remove the key.

Acroprint AP175:  Remove the cover, there is a SET Time Button.  Start there.
Lathem 5000E:  Same instructions as Acroprint AP175.

Lathem 7000E and 7500E:   Click here to download our Word document (instructions)

Icon:  All Icon clocks change the time automatically.

Rapidprint:  Open the top, take a pen or pencil and push the hour wheel forward to the correct hour.
Widmer:  Exactly the same as Rapidprint:
Acroprint ET time stamps:  Also the same.

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