Is your website ADA compliant?

Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

The short answer: it probably already is. 

Find the entire article here, save yourself thousands of dollars in wasted scammer fees as you attempt to make your already reasonably ADA Compliant website, even more "compliant."  As a  business owner with a lifetime (40 years as an adult) of business experience, this is what we call "snake oil" or more recently, "vaporware."  The rules are vague.  

There are three simple things to be covered.  
1)  Make sure they can read the page.  Arial 14 works great.
    Use readable font sizes, not size 2,4,or 6 type.  
2)  Make sure they can navigate without a mouse..  There are limitations as to what you can do before it breaks your budget. Our website requires a mouse, or a tablet - that's how WE get around it.
3)  Don't use
images that can cause a siezure.  Yep, that's in it.  
So no spinning disks, annoying flashing screens, etc..

The article takes two minutes to read. Why bother?  Because the emails we are getting from the scammers, people that want to redo your websites, seriously exaggerate the issue, and you should not trust strangers to mess with your website.