COVID19 Coronavirus and biometric time clocks

Transmission of coronavirus COVID19 and biometric time clocks

With fingerprint time clocks, the risk of transmission is the same as sharing doorknobs. 
Tip:  You could put a bottle of sanitizer like Purell by the clock.

Facial Recognition clocks are touchless,
   ------ There is no risk of transmitting viruses except when enrolling employees.

How to properly clean the sensors on a fingerprint and facial recognition clock:
 Do not spray Windex or other ammonia-based products on it.

1)  Use readily available rubbing alcohol, or medical alcohol swabs,
      ---- Nothing higher than 50% alcohol
2)  Use a lint-free cloth, not paper, kleenex, or paper towell.

3)  Dampen the cloth, gently wipe the  fingerprint reader or in the case of
     facial recognition, the face of the device.

Fingerprint readers will not read wet, soapy hands.  Your cell phone won't
recognize your finger, and neither will the time clock

Hand punch clocks:  Do not clean the red lense with anything other than a soft cloth
 ----and water.  Just water.  If you cloud the red lense, it's a factory repair.
 ----Factory repairs take weeks. 
 ----The red lense is one of the few items we dealers cannot source.
 Clean the hand platen with a very weak solution of alcohol or soap and water,

  ----but notice that by design, it is already antimicrobial.

Personal hygiene has always been important. Now, more than ever, it is critical. 
Please share this with your employees and friends who have biometric time clocks.