Hand Punch Spa

                Welcome to the Hand Punch Day Spa



Hand Punch Spa: Give Your Hand Punch a Day of Relaxation in Florida

Treat your hand punch to a rejuvenating day near the beautiful beaches of Florida, surrounded by soothing music and calming lights. Our spa experience also includes occasional serenades by feral cats, adding a touch of nature to the ambiance. With the gentle touch and expert care of our technicians, your hand punch will leave our spa feeling brand new!

Our Restoration Process

At Our "Hand Punch Spa," we follow a meticulous process to restore your hand punch reader to its optimal condition:

  1. Evaluation: We begin by thoroughly evaluating your device to assess the extent of any damage or issues. To initiate this process, simply contact us via phone or email.
  2. Technical Triage: Over the years, we have encountered a wide range of problems, from dust accumulation to critters finding a home inside the device. We have even dealt with challenges like metal powder, welding smoke, nicotine and paint overspray, and "accidental" soda spillage. Regardless of the issue, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle it. Rest assured, your hand punch reader is in good hands!
  3. Restoration Techniques: We begin the restoration process by exfoliating the device's surface, gently removing any dry imperfections. Next, we delve deeper with our deep tissue therapy. This involves flipping the device over onto our soft nanofiber cloths and meticulously cleaning the internal components. We pay special attention to the sensitive laser lights and mirrors, using bioclean products to ensure their optimal functionality. We also assess the program's health and have even revived seemingly dead clocks in the past.
  4. Testing and Calibration: After the thorough cleaning process, we subject the hand punch reader to rigorous testing, repeatedly checking and calibrating its performance. This ensures that it functions flawlessly before being returned to you.
  5. Replacement of Parts: In some cases, certain parts may need replacement to ensure your hand punch reader's longevity. We keep antimicrobial silver oxide platens, displays, and keypads in stock, enabling us to promptly address any component that requires replacement.
  6. Final Touches: Once the restoration is complete, we give your hand punch reader a final polish. We carefully package it in a clean plastic bag, ready for its journey back to you. Rest assured, your beaten-up hand punch reader will arrive looking and functioning like new.

After a relaxing day in Florida, just two miles away from the sunny and healthy beaches of Saint Augustine, your hand punch will be fully rejuvenated and prepared to serve you for another decade. We stand by our work with a remarkable 6-month guarantee on all repairs.

Hand Punch repairs, it's what we do.1.800.682.3389  Make the call.