Hand Punch Spa

                Welcome to the Hand Punch Day Spa


Treat your hand punch to a day near the beaches of Florida, exposed to soothing music and calming lights - and occasionally the songs of feral cats. Under the gentle touch and care of our technicians, one day here and it will be good as new!  How we do this:

First, we give it an evaluation, then we call (or e-mail) you. We've seen nearly everything in our technical triage. From dust to critters that have taken up residence. Metal powder to welding smoke, nicotine and paint overspray to soda pop sabatoge, and just plain-old "wear and tear."  They need help, that's our job. Most handpunch readers can be repaired and returned to like-new condition.

First we start off with a soft, exfoliating scurb, removing dry surface imperfections
- then we go for the deep tissue therapy. 
We mark down the calibrations, flip it over on our soft, nanofiber cloths,and go in from the back.
We use bioclean on the sensitive laser lights and mirrors. We check the health of the program.
Sometimes we've even brought dead clocks back to life.

After this treatment, we then put it through the paces, testing, testing, calibrating and re-testing. 

We may have to replace a few parts, like the antimicrobial silver oxide platen, the display or keypad. All in stock.

Finally, we polish it up, put it in a clean plastic bag, and ship it back to you, like new. It's had a day in Florida, just two miles from the sunny, warm, healthy beaches of Saint Augustine.
Your hand punch will be rested and ready for another decade of service.  All work is guaranteed for 6 (Six!) months. 

Hand Punch repairs, it's what we do.1.800.682.3389  Make the call.