Punch lock out, how this works

Punch Lock Out

This is used to stop early-in punches. 
Your place officially starts working at 7AM.
Administration people start at 8, Production, and Delivery people start at 7, no earlier.
uAttend lets you set up start-times for every department.
And. let's say Sales and Marketing come and go at will.  They then have no such rules.
You group your employees in to departments. These rules govern the departments.
You can pay them to the minute, or you can use a variety of punch rounding methods.
Most companies use 1/4 hour rounding, it's a choice.
In this example, using the uAttend system (click on this line to see all the uAttend products)
you can see that if they attempt to punch or sign-in before 6:53AM, it wil refuse the punch.