Farm Laborer Fair Labor Practices Act of NY

Farm Laborer Fair Labor Practices Act of NY

If you run a farm in NY and you have hourly employees, you are now dealing with this new labor law.  Essentially, it guarantees farmworkers overtime pay after 60 hours in a week - and at least 24 consecutive hours of rest.

We cannot track the rest, except that the clock can prove they did not punch back in for at least 24 hours by examining the punches.

We CAN set overtime to kick in at 60 hours within a 7 day pay period. 
In the most simple system, you can pay weekly and note that all hours over 60 are overtime.  Just about any of our self totaling clocks with time cards will do that. as will all of the computerized clocks.
Just go to our home page and select self totaling clocks, or any of the electronic clocks.  

Take it to the next level, say with bi-weekly payperiods, and you need a better clock, or a computerized clock system to break out the OT correctly.
Follow this link to a page of machines that can be set to handle OT at 60 in a week.

Note:  Let's be completely honest:  You do NOT want to attempt to use a fingerprint or "vascular" reader.  Their fingers are dirty, calloused, soaked or cardboard dry.  These are not the gentle fingers of computer operators.  DO NOT BUY an Fingerprint reader, no-matter what you are told, no-matter what you are promised, unless it can also use RFID badges or RFID keyfobs.  Just don't bother with fingerprint readers with agriculture. The Fingerprint readers we "offer" also allow the farmworkers to use RFID badges and RFID keyfobs instead of fingerprints.

If you have two groups of employees, such as Salaried and Office (40/wk), and Agricultural (60/wk) then the Amano TimeGuardian clocks can handle that.
Amano's software can separate the employees in to different pay groups, with different rules.  And... It's all on your computer, instantly updating everytime someone registers a punch.
Click on the images below to see those machines.

  Amano Facial Recognition Clocks that also use RFID Badges and Keyfobs
  Amano TimeGuardian software can handle multiple pay groups with different payperiod rules
  Click on the images below to learn more about each of these systems, and feel free to call or "Chat" w
ith us.

       Amano 20/20 with software                 Amano RealTime Facial Recogniton System (higher capacity)



       Shortcut to see the software                   MTX30 clock terminal, uses RFID Badges and Keyfobs