Rapidprint Repairs

We repair Rapidprint time stamps, all models.

This is our shop - we actually DO THE WORK:


Introduction: Are you in need of reliable repairs and replacements for your Rapidprint time stamps?Our experienced technicians, with a combined 40 years of expertise, are here to assist you. We specialize in repairing various models such as AR, AR-E, AR-L, AR-C, and AN automatic stamping Rapidprint clocks.

Repairing and Maintaining Rapidprint Time Stamps: Over time, your time stamp may require maintenance and replacements. Typically, a new year wheel is needed every 10 years. Our team can handle that for you. Additionally, after two upgrades, the machine tends to wear out. If you purchased your time stamp in 2008 with a 4-digit wheel, the second time would be in 2020. Considering that these machines change time 1,440 times a day, it's crucial to address wear and tear issues on components like pawls, latches, motors, springs, and push bars.

Comprehensive Replacements and Accessories: We also offer motor and indicia plate replacements. The indicia plates, those engraved brass plates, are in stock and readily available. Moreover, we keep the motherboards, the circuit boards located below the plate and above the ink ribbon, in our inventory.

Wide Range of Rapidprint Accessories: In addition to repairs and replacements, we provide a range of Rapidprint accessories. You can find Rapidprint motors, plates, and Rapidprint ribbons, specifically part number 5650, in Purple or Black. If you prefer Red, it's available as a special order, at the same price, but only sold by the dozen.

Free Estimates and Quality Guarantee: Estimates for our services are completely free, and the only risk involved is the cost of return shipping, which typically amounts to $20. Rest assured, all our work is backed by a six-month guarantee, while the parts come with a one-year guarantee.

Contact Us Today: Don't hesitate to reach out to us today to discuss your specific needs. Our expert technicians are ready to assist you with Rapidprint time stamp repairs, replacements, or any accessories you require. And remember, if you're in the market for a brand new Rapidprint time stamp, we've got you covered there too! All our equpment is sold at web-competitive prices, and come with our personal service guarantees.