How to change an Amano MJR time clock ribbon

How to change an Amano MJR7000 ribbon

Remove the cover.  Tip the keypad up, it is hinged at the top.  You can use a pencil to keep it up.

On the right side is a black gear.  Rotate it a turn or two, the ribbon will move.  You need to move it to the right about one inch, no more.

Grasp the sides of the ribbon cartridge, tip it up (the front comes up), and left it out. 
There are two molded pins that keep it in the ribbon carrier. It pivots on them.


Notice that the ribbon itself goes between the white printer guide and the metal ribbon shield.  As it tips up, it comes out.

Replace the ribbon, make sure the ribbon is behind that metal ribbon shield, and in front of the printer.

Give the ribbon advance knob on the right of the ribbon a turn, to make sure the ribbon is taunt.

Drop the keyboard.  On the upper right of the motherboard is a white button.  Way up on the right.  Push it.

Watch the ribbon, the whole assembly should move back and forth smoothly.

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