Employees cheating you, coming in late and you're paying for it?

Are your employees ripping you off?  Are they coming in late, not answering the phones because they are stuck at Starbucks? Are you throwing away money on an overly generous payroll?  WE CAN FIX THAT.

Lets say your phones are supposed to be answered as of 8AM.  But your people only begin to filter-in around 8 to 8:15.  You come to work and see the lost call lights flashing on the phones.  Yes, this sucks. But they hand you coffee and ask "How was your evening?"  Meanwhile, you've lost a sale, an order, or annoyed a customer who expected your phones to be answered.

Sick of this?  Then get a time clock system.  If you are in an office, get a facial recognition clock.  They don't miss a punch.  Never.  They can't be cheated.  Never.  How do you justify it?  Your accountant, business advisor, an article you read somewhere yesterday, said you need it for wage and hour compliance.  If that's too intense, the go with one of our fingerprint systems. COVID is not an issue with these clocks.  That's a red-herring deflection used by people who are cheating you. 

If there is resistance, put yourself on the clock.  Let them see you use it now and then.  We know that you come and go, it's your operation, your money, and who calls the shots?  You do.  Plus, it doesn't hurt to be familiar with the system.

Then, when it's time to make some changes, you'll have all the records you need to show that Sally and Sam have been coming in consistantly late, leaving a few minutes early, and taking overly long lunches.  Time is money.  You're throwing thousands out the door every year.  It's tough to make a thousand bucks, why give it away to people who just come in to pass the time? They use time clocks in hospitals, why not in YOUR business?

It's your dime. Call us, we will find the smoothest way to save you a lot of bucks.