Rapidprint Repairs - Quick, Reasonable, Guaranteed!

Rapidprint Repairs    "Quick, Reasonable, Guaranteed!"


We repair Rapidprint time stamps.  Models AR, AR-E, ARC-E, ARL-E, and AN

We stock circuit boards, motors, year wheels, ribbon feed parts, keys, ribbons, and more.
We repaid "dead" machines, we replace motors, update year wheels, fix the ribbon reverse, replace burned out stamp coils, replace stamp pads, replace indicia plates, repair case locks, and more.

Chemical bath, calibration and adjustments - adjust how well, how legible, it stamps.
Normally $95 to $190, all work is guaranteed one year, Parts AND Labor.

We also directly guarantee all new Rapidprint machines that we sell.



Dealers are closing all across the country.  It is attrition, they are aging-out.  We are in our early 50's we have plenty of time left.  Cleveland Time, Fort Meyers Time Recorder, Miami Time, Dallas time clock, Atlanta, Buffalo, Phoenix... We have you covered.  Just call us - or click on CHAT >>>.  We have the tools, we stock the parts, we've done all this before.  Call now.