How to remove old employee records from an Icon P600

How to remove and archive old employees and punch data from an Icon TotalPass:

This is a friendly letter to an existing customer who has an Icon P600.  They needed to remove old employees as they were approaching their 500 employee license limit.  They have 170 active employees.

Judy, it's good that you asked that question.  Instructions on how to archive then delete "employees" (I realize some may not be paid employees), are in the instruction manual that is included in your machine.  It's found under help.

You should be making monthly archives of all your records and saving them to a folder on your desktop.  That's really important, because some day your machine will break.  If all the records are stored in it, your are "toast."  Don't get toasted - at work. 

Before you continue, make a new folder on your desktop, right now, and name it "Time Clock Records."

Next, sign in to your clock and find that owner's manual.  I personally recommend people download and save it to the Time Clock Records folder.  There is a index, it will tell you where to find the steps.  I've attached a link to the manual, the steps are identical.   You can download it from here. Lastly, here is the support line.  They may charge for support, but calling and asking is free.  1 800 847 2232.   A cautionary note:  People often think that archiving records mean that the records will disappear.  That's wrong.  They are saved.

You will have marked the employees as inactive.  Set the date range to stop 3 months ago.  That way you can look back 90 days or so to check someones punches.    It will remove inactive employees up to 90 days ago, leaving the rest of them in.  You can restore records this way (but defer to the manual and call support if you ever have to restore records, just be very safe):

Make a current archive.  Save it.  Restore and APPEND records.  Appending doesn't change your current records, it just inflates the working database with the old records.  Now you can run your reports.  The next time you make an archive, all the appended records will be re-stored in there (and still saved as they were earlier, in your folder).

Download, save, and open that manual, now.  Mark your calendar (or set it up to schedule the archives for you, I believe there is a setting for it).

We are a small business, small businesses around the country are struggling.  Please refer us to your friends and colleagues.

Let me know how you made out.


P600 and TotalPassBio Owners Manual