Customer ordered online, didn't check with us, now has to return it.

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This is correspondence with a customer who initially ordered the wrong clock system from our website.  He should have called us first.  We took it back. I suggested he not buy anything without first talking to a full time professional in the time clocking industry.  He then reached back out and asked me to help.

I asked him four questions, all by e-mail, about what he needed, and this is the follow-up:
1) They have ONE location.  2) They have 14 employees.  3) One employee transfers across two departments. 4) Warehouse/Retail application. 

Thank you so much Joe!!

I will take a really good look at the info you sent me. It is not critical to keep track of time of the employee jumping between departments. He makes the same amount of money.

I will get back to you very soon.  Thank you,


On Thu, May 18, 2023 at 11:29?AM Time Source 1 <> wrote:

Yes, you purchased the wrong system.

I would go with this, and one upgrade - and I will tell you why.

You have one employee that transfers departments.  If you want to track that person's labor between departments, you can set them up to be able to select, at the clock, which department they are in.  It's beneficial if you are paying them different wages in each department.  If it's not important, then don't bother with the upgrade.

You can go with your choice of PIN number or Badge (or RFID keyfob), or go biometric and they just touch the fingerprint reader.  Fingerprint readers work north of 99% of the time.  Maybe not 100%.  Or the "king kong" solution is a facial recognition device, they never fail.

This is the fingerprint reader, the next one is the facial recognition reader, they come with the basic 25 employee software and link to your computer by either ethernet (your network) cable, or WiFi.  Ethernet is always reliable, WiFi, well, you know how that can be.

Employee Time Clocks - Compumatic XLS Biometric w/WiFi XLS Biometric WiFi

Employee Time Clocks - Compumatic CFR 20/20 Compumatic CFR 20/20

The last one is the PIN Entry/RFID keyfob system.  If they carry the keyfobs, they are unlikely to share them.  They are likely to share PIN numbers and have a friend punch in when they are running late, or out long after they have actually left, when the boss is gone, and they get to leave early.  Which you are paying for.  Biometrics eliminate that.

Employee Time Clocks - Compumatic XLS21 V2 XLS21 V2 Payroll Clock

You can buy reusable RFID keyfobs from the accessories list on this product page.

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