Icon Pin 50 Intelligent Storage Employee Time Clock

Why choose "Intelligent Storage™ over "Real Time?

  • “Real time” systems rely on a constant connection to a computer in order to record punches.
  • With a real time system, if your PC locks up or is shut off, the cable breaks or gets disconnected, or there is a power interruption, your employees are stranded and valuable payroll data is not recorded!
  • Time clock data is too important to lose, and PCs fail too frequently. 
  • The Icon Prox-50 uses a method called Intelligent Storage that allows you to record and access employee information whenever you need it, with or without a functioning PC.
  • Intelligent Storage also gives your employees much better feedback – never leaving them feeling disconnected.
  • When punching IN or OUT employees are greeted with their name and on-screen instructions guiding them through their transaction.
  • The Intelligent Storage system knows each employee's individual profile, allowing them to change departments, enter tips or job numbers and check their last punch right at the clock.
  • Intelligent Storage drastically reduces training time and increases employee satisfaction, as employees can see that their information is being accurately recorded.