Daylight savings 2024

2024:  03/10 and 11/03

These instructions apply to all Amano MJR7000, MJR8000, and MJR8100 time clocks.
These instructions do NOT apply to the MJR7000EZ, that automatically updates, there is not setting.

To reset the time:  Key in the top,  turn right, the display should go blank.

Press 1 0 E  see the year

Press # see the date

Press # see the old time.  Enter the correct numbers, 0-23 hours and minutes.  

Press E. Turn the key back left, see if it's correct.

FYI, the best way is to set it to your phone's time.


Next, update the daylight savings settings   If you don't do this, it will "leap forward" later this week, and the problem will be there, again.

Turn the key to the right, display goes blank.

Press 2 0 E   That's the old setting (1 of 2).  We are going to replace it.

Press 0 3 0 9 #

Press 1 1 0 3 E 

Press the "I" on the upper left, the display will go blank.

Turn and remove the key.


You are now set for Fall 2024 and Spring, 2025.  It's slightly different for every year.