Time and Attendance System - the most important features

Here are the most important features a  business manager/owner should consider when buying a time and attendance system:

  • Consider the placement and number of reader terminals you will require. Of they ahve a long way to walk to the clock, it's a false economy to buy just one.  The travel time adds up quickly.
  • If you have multiple entrances, you should consider a system that allows multiple readers that feed a central attendance system.  Normally these are TCP/IP networkable terminals, or using older technology, RS485 amplified systems.
  • Look for a package deal.  Even if you only have 25 or less employees you can robably save money buying a system bundled with 50 access cards, as you will need 50% more cards than you think.  Trust us, this is true.  Call, we can explain it.
  • Decide if you want to use standard swipe cards, proximity cards that does not require contact with the reader, or biometric readers that eliminate ‘buddy’ check-in/check-out by requiring correct fingerprint, handprint, retinal scan, facial scan (bad technology thus far, only works on “24“ and James Bond TV) or other biometrics to identify the employee.
  • Consider what accounting exports you require. You should decide up front if you want the system to export to your accounting system and at what level. A small business probably only needs time and vacation tracking while a larger company probably requires time tracking by department.  Most systems have an EXCEL export, anyway.