Buddy Punching can be Elminated

HandPunch readers for time and attendance can cut costs and improve productivity. Recognition Systems' biometric HandPunch HandReader is the most reliable and most widely used system to prevent "buddy-punching"--i.e., employees clocking in and out for one another. In less than a second, the HandPunch measures the unique shape of a user's hand, providing positive identification and unparalleled accuracy for every punch.

The HandPunch also eliminates the cost of reissuing cards and badges while reducing many of the headaches associated with accounting for employees' time. Bottom line: the HandPunch can save you up to 5% of payroll costs and pay for itself in a matter of weeks.

Biometric finger readers are also ready for prime-time, as the technology hs recently matured and is now working as originally promised.  The best ones use more than one fingerprint.

In the end, once it is all set up and running, there are no further expenditures, so it's incredibly cost effective on all fronts.  Lastly, the Count Me In and Hand Reader products are made in USA, so they get our vote, plus they both use the best working technology.