Lathem Biometric Time Clocks

Employee Time Clocks .com has a large inventory of Lathem biometric time clocks. 

This product is worth considering if you have less than 25 employees 
This product controls buddy punching.  This is how:  When you set up and employee, you must use the biometric finger reader to enroll 3 digital images of the employees finger.
These three images are then averaged and merged.  A digital code that represents that particular fingerprint is then saved in the reader itself.  A copy is saved in the computer.

When an employee Punches IN or OUT, the device looks to see if it has a match in its records. If it does, the employee hears a soft and polite “beep”.  The device also lights up as green, and they are IN (or out).

There's more.  The first punch of the day is always the IN punch, then the subsequent punches work as Out, In, Out.  They cannot double-punch, as the device rejects the second punch within the same minute.

The software is also very unique.  It's a quick enroll, and does not require that the employee use a mouse or keypad.  The only caveat is that the computer must be “on” all the time.  It is powered by the USB cable, and if the computer goes in to hibernate or power saver mode, the system is disabled.  Lathem's fingerprint time clock works very reliably, and it is difficult to beat the system.  What is more common is that you sometimes will not get a read, as some people are simply unreadable.  We have such a person in our office.  So we enrolled another finger and she can now use it.

It is an excellent low-cost PC Punch Clock.  The employee time clock software shows all the punches for that employee, and it saves it forever.  This communicates to payroll time clock software, including ADP, Paychex, Quickbooks, and much, much more.  You can even run this across a computer network, but it does not work well over a WAN.  It does work on a Local Area Network.  If you need to run multiple readers, then you will need to upgrade to the Lathem Pro software.  Usually when this happens, it becomes more cost effective to simply jump ship and get a hand reader system, which we also stock.

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