Biometric HandPunch Operation, All Models
Using the hand reader is a matter of entering your ID number, placing your hand on the hand reader, and observing the results.  it may be a good idea to post a copy of this guide near the hand reader
Whenever  ENTER ID  shows on the hand reader display, the hand reader is ready to accept entry of an ID number.  ID numbers are entered on the hand reader suing the keypad.  In the discussion below, it is assumed that the hand reader has not been set for explicit punch operation.  if it were, the user would be prompted to enter an activity code immediately after the ID number was entered.
Once the ID number has been entered, it is registered in the hand reader by pressing the # key.  You may think of the as an ENTER key.  If a mistake is made when entering a number on the keypad, the entry can be cleared by pressing the  * key.  Once a valid ID number has been entered, ** PLACE HAND **  appears in the display and the four finger position indicator lamps will turn on.
If you enter your ID number and ** PLACE HAND **  does not appear, this indicates that the ID number was not accepted.  This may be due to an error in entry, or because someone before you had entered a digit into the keypad. 
When ** PLACE HAND ** appears in the display, place hand as directed below.  This must be done promptly as the reader will time out after several seconds and ENTER ID  will again be displayed.  If this happens, just enter your ID number again.
[Hint:  Print this page, cut this section out, laminate it, and post it next to your hand reader]
  1. Slide your hand forward on the platen, bumping the web between the middle and index finger up against the tall web pin.
  2. Close all fingers together so that they touch their respective guide pins.  The index and middle fingers should touch the large pin and the ring and little
    finger the smaller pins.  The finger position indicator lights will then go out.
  3. The balls of the finger tips should be against the platen surface, and the hand should be as flat as is comfortable.  Cupping of the hand should be avoided.
  4. If large rings are worn, care should be taken to see that the ring is rotated so that the stone is up in the normal position.
If  ** TRY AGAIN ** is displayed, and you are in fact authorized access, it may mean that an error was made in entering your ID number or in placing your hand for measurement.  In any case, re-enter your ID number and try again, taking care to achieve correct hand placement.  if rings are worn, be sure that the stone is rotated up in the normal position.
If after a number of attempts identity is not verified, that ID number will no longer be accepted, and the display will show: 

when the ID number is again entered.  This is caused a lockout.  Before the rejected number can be used again, a valid acceptance must be recored at the hand reader - have another person use the device.
If and ID number is entered, but the hand is not correctly placed for measurement, the unit will time out in about 25 seconds.
This article was provided by Ingersoll Rand - RSI, the makers of Hand Punch, of which we are a Certified Business Partner and service center.  Employee Time Clocks has been a bricks-and-mortar time clock and time clock system installer and service center since 1991.