Congradulations Letter to Amano Time Recorder

Florida Time Clock, Inc.

Established 1991


February 10, 2004


Amano Cincinnati

Michael Consalazio, DCM

140 Harrrison Avenue, Roseland, NJ 07068


Dear Michael:


            Congratulations on your achievement of this important position. Amano, and the majority of the other “players” in our industry has long needed an effective manufacturer to dealer liaison. I look forward to hearing from you, and discussing the industry and our mutual opportunities.  I’d like to hear about your business background, and what you have planned for our future.


            Okay, a little about “me”:  I was raised in the office machine business.  I sold to business owners all my teen-age and early adult life, spring breaks, summers. I was a professional college student in the ‘70’s (BS Marketing at SUNY Fredonia, completed my degree at University of Buffalo); work was the last thing I was interested in.  My Dad intelligently retired at 59, and sold me the family business (in Buffalo).  I ran it for about 4 more years then sold it to my service manager and moved to Los Angeles.  Survived about 4 years of working for others selling POS systems (computer cash registers with redirectors and servers in DOS) to restaurants and retailers, then managed 3 Firestone stores.  Earned a company transfer at Firestone (after working my way up to the position as floating Auditor), got out of LA after 4 years (1989), moved to Florida where I have family.  Quit the ‘Stone’ after 6 months - the corporate culture here was corrupt, I wouldn’t sell by quota, unneeded repairs, and had to take a drastic cut in pay to get the transfer, which in the end, I could not afford.  I started this business as I was concerned that employers and employees were attempting to cheat each other of either money earned, or monies owed.

   The letter went on for another two pages.


Late 2006 update:  Michael has never replied nor contacted me.  Amano continues to struggle and is unable to launch their software products.  Little wonder why.