Custom Hours Module for TimeSource Icon Time Systems Software

Custom Hours Module for Icon Time Systems  TimeSource Software


Use the following instructions to limit employee breaks to 10 minutes.


You will need to set-up two departments something similar to the image below.




Then for each employee who will punch IN and OUT of the MAIN and BREAK department assign them to both departments in their EMPLOYEES screen.



Next set up the Custom Hours Module as follows.


Set-up the first rule as follows.  If the hours for a punch pair are greater than 0.18 but less than or equal to 0.50 recalculate the hours as 0.17.  In normal language this means if the total time for a punch pair is greater than or equal to 11 minutes but less than or equal to 30 minutes then set the total time for the punch pair to 10 minutes.  Remember this setting is a global setting so it will affect any punch pair where the total time for the punch pair is between 11 and 30 minutes rounding the time back to 10 minutes.


Now that the software is set-up your employees will have to be aware of the changes when they clock IN and OUT.  Those employees assigned to both departments will now have to choose a department when clocking IN.  When the employees clocks IN at the start of the day they will enter their ID number, press IN and then see GO TO DEPT MAIN or whatever their home department name is on the clocks display.  They need only press Enter to complete the IN punch.  When the same employee goes to break they would enter their clock ID number.  After entering their clock ID the clocks display will be flashing OUT.  Instead of pressing OUT, have the employee press the FUNCTION key.  The employee will then see GO TO DEPT MAIN again.  Have your employee press the down arrow key until they see GO TO DEPT BREAK on the clocks display.  Have them press ENTER at this point.  This process will sign them OUT of the MAIN department and IN to the BREAK department in one simple step.  They would do the same thing when they are returning from their break except they would select MAIN as the department they are going to. 


If they employee was to punch IN and OUT like this for one day, taking two breaks at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm and punching out for lunch, their PUNCHES screen for the day would look like the image below.