Why use an employee time clock, part II

Using employee time clocks will keep your business, IN business!

With an electronic employee clock, you will have detailed records of who arrived at what time, on what day, how long there were there (knowing if they actually did anything consturctive is another issue...), and when they left.

The software connects the clock terminal to the computer, and then it gets interesting.  It makes payroll preparation a breeze.  It's important to select a time clock dealer who you can TALK to.  We pride ourselves on that, we've worked our way UP to this, we did not walk in to the office and become bogus “experts”.  We've punched the clocks, we still do.

You'll be able to easily get reports on what you are doing!  Overtime expense, how many days they worked - individually, by department, by division, and by the entire company.  Imagine this:  At your fingertips, you would be able to see who's been LATE to work, for the past year.  You could see “Who's IN”,  and the converse, “Who's NOT IN”.  Instantly.

A couple of clicks and it's off to ADP, Excel, QuickBooks, Paychex, Crystal Reports, whatever floats your boat.  Or just send a .pdf of it to your accountant, or fax the report.

Prices have fallen, normally this is less than $1000.00  Often half that.