Employee Time Clock Systems, more to know

Employee Time Clock Systems, more to know

Once you've decided how many terminals you need, and where they are going to be put in the building, think about WHAT KIND of terminals you want to use.

Magnetic Swipe?  They use credit cards.  Durable, but they wear out.
Proximity Cards?  The new “Smart Cards“.  Waive the badge in front of the terminal, it picks up the signal.  Sometimes you can use it with an Access Control module, killing two birds with one stone.
PIN ENTRY?       Unreliable, as employees can call a friend and have them press the buttons.  However, it is the cheapest, so it is the most common.  And Buddy Punching is not eliminated.
Biometric:  Here is where you save money.  They always bring their hand to work.  Hand Punch readers work the best.  100% confirmation.  Finger readers are less reliable, as they can't always read a finger - older fingers have less clear fingerprints, wet hands tend to “blanch“, and they won't read.  Gardeners and laundry handlers generally don't have good fingerprints (they'd make good burglars), so they don't read well - that's called the 4% finger reader failure rate.d

So the decision is yours.  Call us, lets discuss your needs.