Employee Time Clock System software

Employee Time Clock System Software

Consider what accounting integration you need.  You should decide if you want the system to connect to your accounting system, and at what level.  Some of the work may be redundant, some may not.  Why bother entering the payroll times and names manually when the software will do it all for you, quickly and without error.

Imagine this:  You can easily click one button and see the employees name, home phone, cell phone, name of spouse/partner, date of hire, and accured vacation, sick, and comp times.  Another two clicks and you can see if he has punched in for the day, and where in the building (if you have a large installation).  Another click in the same software could take you to a report notepad, where you have stored his certifications and private personnell notes.

He's out.  He has not called in.  You call his home, no answer.  You call his cell and when he picks up, you hear a powerboat engine in the backround as he tells you he's home in bed, sick.

Two years later, he's filing for unemployment.  You get a notice that you will be assessed and you look at his file.  You quickly see that he was chronically late, sick, etc.  You go to arbitration and argue it with reports in hand.

Opposite scenerio:  Two years later he's up for a raise.  You look back in the records and see he's done outstanding work all along, he's come through for the company time and time again.  He's underpaid and has been quiet about it.  He's taken management courses at night school.

Either way, your guns are loaded, you have the information you need.

Now imagine this information on everyone.