Employeer gets sued over falsifying hourly records

Sales workers sue retailer for OT pay

I found this in a local newspaper, the St. Petersburg Times


Three former commissioned salespeople on Wednesday filed a collective action in US District Court in Tampa, claiming they were illegally denied overtime pay by Dormia Inc, a retailer that sells memory foam mattress systems through mall stores. 
The suit, which seeks to represent current and former Dormia workers who opt in to the suit in eight states, alleges the Jessup, MD chain paid for 40 hours a week.  Yet it scheduled the employees to work 42.5 hours plus other assigned duties before and after their store was open. 
Attorneys estimate the unpaid overtime per employee at more than $30,000 over three years.  In response, Dormia said it pays mattress retailing industry-leading compensation and will “vigorously pursue all legal channels to defend our rights.”


This is not the first and only case we have seen.  We see articles like this at least twice a year in our little Tampa Bay region.  Note that these people were on Commission, and were “Sales People“.  The laws are the laws, and abuse is abuse.  Protect yourself, do the right thing.  If you treat the people fair, they will be obligated to treat you fairly as well.  In the private sector of the economy, the law governs in both directions.  Let's not discuss how it works for government....