Detex Newman Quartz Watchman Clock

The Detex Newman Quartz Watchclock is a lightweight, metal watchman's watchclock for use with up to 40 stations.  The security guard clock provides motivation for security officers to perform their assigned rounds, plus conclusive detailed watchman tour reports showing that they have done so.  The use of watchman clocks helps reduce the risk of fire, vandalism, and industrial security mishaps.  Detex watchman systems produced secure tamper-resistant records.  Detex guard tour dial systems such as the Newman and Newman Quartz are idea for users with restricted security budgets or sites with up 40 control points.  It often pays for itself because you can negotiate with your insurance company and reduce your insurance rates.

The Detex Quartz Watchclock is lightweight and easy to carry.  It weighs less than two pounds.  It has rugged construction.  The aluminum frame adds durability, unlike the all-plastic look-alike competitors. The highly accurate, precision quartz Detex movement is protected by a strong die-cast aluminum case.  The entire clock is enclosed in a rugged nylon pouch.  A shoulder strap allows the clock to be carried in an protected position.  The Detex watchman security guard clock produces an EMBOSSED RECORD - raised numbers on the recording key make a direct impression on the paper time dial, without the use of inks, carbons, or ribbons.  The watchman clock record is virtually impossible to falsify.  A guard tour tampering detector makes a hole in the record dial showing the exact time the case cover is opened, or closed.  The Detex Quartz Newman never needs winding.  One AA battery does the trick for a year.

We stock these puppies.  We have the supplies, including the keys, key station boxes, and report disks.

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