Detex Guardsman Watchclock System Factory Information

This is essentially a recap of the above:  The tapes move automatically for 5 days.  You replace the roll every 5 days.  On average, you will use 3 boxes of D-Tapes every year.
The Guardsman provides unique, unbroken mechanical supervision of your guards on weekends, during holiday, and extended plant closings, as well as on week nights.  Unlike most other watchclocks, the Guardsman operates on a continuous roll of tape.  The records your guards activities for up to 120 hours without changing the tape.  Good practice forbids the guard from changing the tape himself.  Insurance regulations prohibit it.  Thus, a firm using a cheaper watchclock system must have a supervisor return to the plant to change the recording dial every 24 to 72 hours.  for this, the supervisor often must be paid at overtime rates.  The Guardsman's extra capacity eliminates this problem and SAVES YOU MONEY.
The system is simple, reliable, and inexpensive.  It can be installed by one man using simple tools - a drill and a screwdriver.  A watchclocks usually pays for itself in a short time through reduced insurance premiums, or at the very least, peace of mind.

The security guard clock provides motivation for security officers to perform their assigned rounds, plus conclusive detailed watchman tour reports showing that they have done so.  The use of watchman clocks helps reduce the risk of fire, vandalism, and industrial security mishaps.  Detex watchman systems produced secure tamper-resistant records.  The all-metal case and fram adds durability, unlike the all-plastic look-alike competitors. The Detex movement is protected by a strong die-cast aluminum case.  The entire clock is enclosed in a rugged cowhide leather pouch.  A shoulder strap allows the clock to be carried in an protected position.  The watchman clock record is virtually impossible to falsify.  A guard tour tampering detector makes a note on the record tape showing the exact time the case cover is opened, or closed. 

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