TimeTraxbio employee time clock system by Pyramid Technologies

Pyramid TimeTraxbio System, complete.

Automated time and attendance solutions are no longer only for big companies. Pyramid has made these solutions affordable for small to mid-size companies. Now you can capture time accurately, streamline your business processes, and reduce your expenses with TimeTrax biometric time clock system..


  • Handy Department Reports
  • Prints out individual time cards
  • Saves the records for recall anytime, later
  • All major exports are included
  • 50 employee software
  • Upgrade to 100 or 150 employees
  • Simple to operate - for your employees - just bring your finger to work!
  • Easy to install, easy to setup, easy to run
  • Pyramid Technologies cutting-edge software
  • 90 day free software support, annual contract available
  • One year exchange if defective guarantee



TimeTraxbio at a Glance

· Plug-and-play simplicity

* Easy-to-use Windows - based system

· Accommodates 50 employees, 3 shifts (upgradeable to 150 employees)

· Calculates weekly/bi-weekly/semi-monthly/monthly payroll

· Interfaces with major payroll systems, including QuickBooks, ADP, PAYCHEX and more

· Full "point & click" punch and payroll editing, plus many standard reports

· Backed by unprecedented customer support