Pyramid Time Trax PC

Pyramid  Time Trax PC

This is a Software Time Clock for your PC

Computerized Time Tracking for Payroll & Projects
Managing payroll is an important responsibility for any company, but it doesn't have to eat up hours and hours of valuable time each week.  Keeping track of your workforce has never een easier.  With new TimeTrax PC for Pyramid, you can effectively manage your labor resources right from your existing Windows based desktop PC.  Payroll managers and administrators can easily view, edit, and approve electronic time cards, automatically calculate hours worked, and run reports.  TimeTrax PC reduces paperwork and speeds up the payroll process.  It minimizes repetitive tasks, putting all the information you need right at our fingertips.  Now you can capture employee time accurately, streamline your business processes, and reduct our expenses with TimeTrax PC.

  • TimeTrax PC at a Glance:
  • No other software or hardware required.
  • Interfaces with major payroll systems, including QuickBooks, ADP, PAYCHEX, and more
  • Employees punch in or out on a Windows based PC
  • Logs punches immediately to your database
  • Accommodates 50 employes (upgradeable to 100)
  • Single or multi-user versions available
  • No terminals, badges, swipe cards, or paper needed
  • Lets you quickly edit time cards and manage schedules
  • Calculates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly payroll, including overtime
  • Uses hourly rounding rules (none, 15 minute)
  • Records hiliday time, overtime, breaks, and shifts
  • Provides multiple, detailed, printable reports
  • Multi-project tracing available with Department Transfers (optional, included)
  • Upgradeable to wori with Pyramids time clock badge swipe terminals
  • Full software support available

90 days free comprehensive technical support. 
Extended technical support is available

If you are reading this web page, then it can run on your Windows-based PC.
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