Amano PIX 10 Ribbon

The Amano PIX series clock is a workhorse.  I've been selling, repairing, and recommending time clocks for decades, and this one is by far the best.

There simply is no equal to the print quality, the durabilty, and the long-lasting of both the machine, and the ribbon in the AMANO PIX and AMANO TCX time clocks.

None! The AMANO PIX10  okay, the PIX 10, and all of its decendents, are nearly indestructable.   The following is a list of the various AMANO PIX models.

PIX 10, PIX 11, PIX 15, PIX 28, PIX 55, PIX 200
TCX 11, TCX 21, TCX 22

Some may search for these items:

PIX10, PIX11, PIX15, PIX28, PIX55, PIX200 and the AMANO TCX11, TCX21, and TCX22

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