Rapidprint - Widmer Ribbon, 3-Pack
5650-908 Purple Ribbon

3 pack of heavily inked purple cotton/nylon blend ribbons for Widmer and Rapidprint automatic date and time stamping machines.

Our Price: $24.00

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Click 145 Rapidprint - Widmer Ribbons by the Dozen5650-908 Purple Ribbon box of 12$78.00
Click 143 Rapidprint key44-1003 the T44 key$6.00


Rapidprint Dark Purple Ribbon 

Fits Rapidprint AR-E, ARL-E series date time stamps and Widmer T3, TLED-3

p/n 5650


Proudly Made in USA with genuine Egyptian cotton By Bushnell Ribbon Corporation in California


Deep Purple Ink, Black is also in available

We normally ship “Purple“
Why?  Purple lasts the longest
, and print clear