TL300, CT900, TR880 & 2600 time clock ribbon
Icon, Compumatic, and Pyramid Time Clock Ribbon

Fits Icon TL-300/CT-900, Compumatic TR880, and Pyramid 2600 time clocks

Our Price: $9.95
Icon time clock ribbon

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Click 292 TL300 Bi-Weekly Time Cards bx 1000TL-WBC box of 1000$46.00
Click 294 TL300 Monthly CardsTL300 Monthly & Semi-Monthly$49.00


Icon TL-300, Icon CT-900, Compumatic TR880, and Pyramid 2600 cartridge ribbon

  • It's two colors, Red and Black
  • In stock.
  • Ever wonder why they have a two color ribbon?
    - Because you can set a time zone where whenever anyone punches, it prints
  • Example:  8:02AM through 8:20AM would be TARDY.
  • This keeps people on schedule.  Get the work you are paying for.