CompuTime101 Multi-PC license
CT101 + MultiPC

Access the punch records and time clock file from multiple computers on your network.

Our Price: $150.00
CompuTime Multi-PC license

CompuTime101 Multi-User License

Site license covers unlimited workstations on a local network. Install the CompuTime101 software on multiple computers and share the database. Setup multiple login user names and passwords to track which user made punch corrections. Assign various user rights to restrict access to features such as wages or punch editing. 

Share the information and workload with your staff

  •  Access the Compumatic MB1000, XL21. CTR20/20, HandPunch software,
    from as many pc's as you want on your network
  •  Assign unique passwords to managers, with unique authorities,
     restricting access to features such as wages or punch editing, etc.
  •  No limit to the number of computers, or managers with this upgrade
  •  Punch change audit trail:  You can see who modified the punch, who deleted it.