10 Managers

Ten software administrators, each with their own username and password, to run your TimeGuardian software.

Our Price: $400.00
TGN +10

TimeGuardian 10 System Managers

Ten supervisor license for your Amano TimeGuardian network.
Adds a desktop shortcut to that supervisors monitor.
Supervisor then signs in with their unique username and password
Supervisor has unique rights and authorities within the program
 - allowing them limited or no access to some areas, total access to others.

If you have the basic two user license, they both have the same username and password
and total authority over everything.
Adding this gives you scalable authorities.

If you have 2 users and order this, you now have 7 (seven).
If you have 2 users and add 10, you now have 12 (twelve) and so-on.

TGN-USER005 is the +5 user upgrade
TGN-USER010 is the +10 user upgrade
TGN-USER025 is the +25 user upgrade 
TGM-USER999 is the UNLIMITED user upgrade ($1500)

Field tip for adding supervisors: 
I've seen this countless times:  They put the supervisors name in as the Username.  Here's the problem.  Everyone leaves. By attrition, promotion, personal changes, or at worst, firing.  Then, where Samuel Adams was the supervisor of production or payroll, Jenny McCarthy takes over.  Jenny will always, and others will always, see Samuel Adams.  Avoid this.  Username should be the position.  Payroll. Production Mgr. Billing Supervisor.  and so-on.