Older Pyramid time clock ribbon
Spare ribbon for Pyramid 35/37/4000

Pyramid time clock cartridge ribbon. Fits Pyramid 3500, 3700, 4000, and Pyramid 4000HD. Always in stock. Be prepared, keep a spare on-hand.

Retail Price: $21.00
Our Price: $15.00
Pyramid ribbon

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Click 450 Pyramid ribbons (12)Pyramid time clock ribbons$96.00
Click 168 Pyramid 4000 cards, 200 Time cardsPyramid 4000 Time Cards 44100-10$22.00
Click 174 Pyramid time cards, box of 500Pyramid Time Cards, p/n 44100-10$34.95
Click 20 Pyramid time cards, box of 100044100-10$68.00


Pyramid 3500, 3700, 4000, and 4000HD Pyramid Ribbon

This is for the "old style" Pyramid clocks, purchased before 2016

Notice that it has a ribbon shield. 
If yours has a plastic ribbon shield, then this is the ribbon you need.


Click here for the You-Tube Ribbon Video

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