Detex ProxiPen Kit

Complete Detex Watchman System with newest software, 20 RFID tags (and more). Waterproof, explosion-proof. UL certified.

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Click 128 Detex 30mm Checkpoint TagGCS-PP-TAG30-U$3.75
Click 129 Detex 50mm Checkpoint TagGCS-PP-TAG50-N$13.00
Click 71 Detex Keyfob TagGCS-PP-KF-U$10.25
Click 244 Detex ProxiPen HolsterDetex Holster GCS-PP-HOL$82.00
Click 130 DetexTop Guard Plus SoftwareGCS-TGPLUS$995.00
Click 131 Detex Top Guard Technical SupportAnnual Technical Support$185.00
Click 79 Detex ProxiPenII End CapBattery Cap$43.00
Click 75 Detex ProxiPen II TAG ReaderProxiPenII - no software$0.00
Click 259 Detex TopGuard Incident BookGCS-PP-INCBK-2$94.00


Detex ProxiPen Kit  Watchman Clock with TopGuard Software.

  • Two Year guarantee
  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8, 10 and 11
  • Set up one General, or up to 16 Specific tours
  • Keep records of every tour, every event, forever
  • Identify if the work has been done, who did it, who did not do their job
  • Identify trouble spots in the your staff* and at the facility
      *   Records will show if they hit all the stations, or missed them, and more
      **  Optional incident book will add more information to the reports
  • Print, save, and send reports to interested parties - employer, supervisor, customers
  • This is always in stock


  • Weatherproof ProxiPen II reader with AA battery, 36 month guarantee
  • Shock resistant, explosion-proof
  • Downloader with USB cable, program CD
  • 20 30MM station Tags
  • Quick-Start Manual, Comprehensive owners manual on CD
  • Modern jet-black RFID Tags.
  • Weatherproof, even under water
  • Attach with screws, nails, glue.
  • Paint over them, Plaster over them.
  • Put larger tags under table tops, behind wooden doors,
    inside a window - and read through it!
  • Each checkpoint ("station") RFID Tag is assigned an actual name.
  • Read Range:
        30MM 2 to 3"    50MM  3 to 4"
        30MM Tags are used for checkpoints, and can be used for other purposes
        50MM Tags are also used for checkpoints, but the larger size has advantages:
        Longer read range: It has a much larger antenna.
  • Easily identifiable as the Tour start/stop point, Guard ID tag
  • You can glue or epoxy it behind a wooden door, or on the other side of a window and it will still scan. 

UPC 080827988736

Detex TopGuard Guardtour System Software


  • Fast, logical set-up. See our "Downloads" page for information
  • Simple guard operation, virtually no guard training required
  • The software has been refined and updated every year since 1986
  • "Real-people" factory technical support, in Texas
  • Comprehensive owners manual - see the manual in "Downloads"
  • Print reports to screen and review
  • Print reports to Word, PDF, or e-mail directly
  • 1 to 16 General or Extremely Regulated tours
      - Random patrol or scheduled location checks

Reports include:

  • Date range, location
  • Tour name, Guard-on-duty name
  • Missed Checkpoints, Illegal Checkpoints
  • Early, Late, Incidents* Incident Reports*
    - *With optional Incident Booklet
    , item 259 above
  • Note:  Reports can be backed-up and emailed to the central office.


How to install a Detex ProxiPen kit
   Albany, NY   Saint Augustine, FL, Clearwater, FL

1 (800) 682 3389


Detex ProxiPen Quick Start

Load the software, connect the reader cradle.

Remove the spacer that protects the battery in the ProxiPen. 
** Don’t over tighten – just make it snug.

On a sheet of paper, draw a map of the locations where the “Stations” (Tags) will be.  Or make a list, maps seem to make more sense.

Name the stations ("Checkpoints").  Write these names on removable AVERY labels. 

1 Roof    2 Dock   3 Elevator   4 Pool   5 Server Room  and so-on

At the top of the sheet, put down the names of the patrolmen – if you want to track the guards.  The software can create reports by guard, and reports by individual “tour.”

At the top of the sheet, put down the names of the Tours.  Even Tour 1, Tour 2, etc.
The same with the Guards.  Like Ed, Mike, Susan, or G1, G2, G3 and so-on


When you set up the software, define each tour and read the Tag that you marked.

Upload the reads to the software.

Put the names in place of the TAG (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…)

Next, read the tags in order 1 – 20. 

Reserve 1 – 4 for the patrolmen names.

Upload them.  Rename them in the software.

Next, read the Tours Tags.  Upload them.  Rename them.

To create a tour, simply select from your menus of tours and tags.

Go out, place the tags on location.

This should get you started.

To order more Tags, readers, etc:  Call us, or order off the website.