Hand Punch repairs. We repair HandPunch terminals.

We repair hand punch biometric time clocks; FAST!

We have over 25 years hands-on experience and guarantee our work because our staff has the skills to repair most Hand Punch terminals. We stock parts, sell upgrade codes, and provide instructions on how to install these codes as well as adding, or deleting, supervisors and employees at the hand punch terminal.

We repair all Hand Punch terminals 50E to 4000E and everything in between.

Body-work (as shown), individual laser alignment, display repair and replacement, keypad repair and replacement, complete reprogramming, calibration to lense alignment
All work is completely guaranteed.  FAST TURNAROUND

                  Handclock repair before.JPG

HandPunch 50E  HandPunch 1000  Hand Punch 1000  

HandPunch 1000E  Hand Punch 1000E HandPunch 2000 

Hand Punch 2000E HandPunch 3000    Hand Punch 3000

HandPunch 3000E Hand Punch 3000E  HandPunch 4000   

Hand Punch 4000 HandPunch 4000E Hand Punch 4000E

We stock the following handpunch items:

  • Platen overlay replacements
  • Keypads
  • Digital displays (all four)
  • MD-500 telephone modems
  • Replacement ethernet (TCP/IP) cards
  • Upgrades fro all Hand Punch models (50E to 4000E)
  • 50' RS232 cables with three pin green connector
  • Hand punch power supplies
  • Hand Punch keys for all models
  • Universal hand punch wall plates
  • Weatherproof outdoor cabinets
  • And more . . .

If your employee time clock hand punch machine is not reading hands, or if takes multiple tries to get a read; you should contact us at 800-682-3389.

There is no initial cost for us to check your unit.  Should you decide not to have the unit repaired, or if it is unrepairable, only a return shipping fee applies.  If the unit needs sent to the manufacturer, RSI/Schlage Biometric, then there is a diagnostic fee from RSI, along with shipping, which would be applied toward the total bill.

Our service turn-around tie is quick on most of these machines.  By utilizing our repair service, you save down time and the amount of time you're using a timesheet to track time and attendance!