Icon TimeVue – Archiving Records, update employee list

Icon TimeVue – Archiving Records, Updating the Active Employee List

Found on page 15 of the TimeVue owners manual – select HELP from the TimeVue Switchboard.

Additional comments added  by Joseph Wagner – www.EmployeeTimeClocks.com   July, 2010


TimeVue data should be archived on a regular basis.  In general, you should archive your database:

  • Before making any major edits in the program.
  • Before attempting to update TimeVue or reinstalling TimeVue on another computer.
  • Before attempting to import Poll Log files.
  • Before restoring any old archives for reviewing or report purposes.
  • Before any major upgrades to your operating system.

 How to Archive Data: 
Preparation:  On your desktop, make a folder called Time Clock Records.

How to do this: 
      Minimize all your programs.  Mouse to an open area on the desktop.

      Right click. See “New .“  Click on it, see “Folder.”  Left Click on “Folder.”

      While the new folder name is highlited,  type in Time Clock Records
      then left click to save it.   You now have a records folder on your desktop.

      Launch TimeVue again.


From the Switchboard, select the Archive button. 

By default, TimeVue will name your archive: Archive.arc.

You should give each archive a unique name and date so that it can be easily identified.

We recommend you make an archive every month. 

Change Archive.arc to the date:  Ex:  July 28, 2013 would be july282013.arc

Select a location to save your archive – your Time Clock Records folder would be the best place. 

Click Save to start the archiving process.

If your payroll is correct up until the last 30 days, say YES to the next prompt:
”Do you wish to remove old data from your database.”

This shortens the list of punches to a more manageable size, and SAVES THOSE RECORDS in the archive file – which if you re-read this page, you will know that you can RESTORE later.

Close this module, go back to the Switchboard.

Select Time Clocks from the left column. 

From the clock list, select the icon that says RESET ALL, then exit out of it.
From the next column over, select Poll Time Clock.  Poll the clock.


It will collect your punches update and the active employee count in your software.

Old badges, old numbers of people that left the company 2 months ago and further out, will now be available for reassignment.

Submitted by Joseph Wagner of Florida Time Clock