TimeVue Windows 10

TimeVue software was not designed to run in Windows 10.

TimeVue software has been discontinued, Icon has closed.
Icon is now a division of Paychex. Not Ricechex, Paychex.

Icon does not support TimeVue in Windows 10.  TimeVue was originally designed in 1999(!) for Windows XP, and later an update was released for Windows 7 and 8.  Several IT geniuses were able to make it work on Win10, but they have all gone to our Cloud based systems.  See uAttend on this website.

TimeCalculators with TimeVue will not run on Windows 10.  Recommended Replacements:
Amano Biometric and Amano Proximity clocks with Time Guardian software, and uAttend.

Click here to see the Amano Time Guardian clocks

WiFi RFID BADGE CLOCK      Amano MTX-30P       MTX30F      MTX-30 clock

CompuTime Bio and CompuTime Prox clocks, with CompuTime101 software

Click here to see the CompuTime systems

WiFi time clock         WiFi Biometric time clock 

Hand Punch clocks with TimeVue: 

The least expensive path is to replace TimeVue with Amano TimeGuardian software.
Click here to see it! 100 employee software including two managers.  $199 ---> available on CD or USB Drive.