Amano MJR Time Clock Service Proceedures


MJR general service:


Remove front case, spray it down, let soak, then wipe off. 

Replace old service sticker.


While soaking, wipe out excess dust inside machine. 


Tip up the keyboard.  It may be locked in place by a white knob on the right.  If so, remove and discard white shipping knob.


Move printer by rolling the black gear on the right.  Bring printer about ½” over from left.


Remove ribbon, it’s hinged at the back.


Wipe dust/powder off the white roller, don’t be too picky.


Wipe dust off sides of capacitors, frame of machine.


Shoot short blast of oil on to the printer guide rail and the white roller.

Printer guide rail is just above the white roller.


Replace the ribbon.


Lower the keyboard.  Clean keyboard.

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