Facial Recognition

  Amano AFR-200 Amano REALTIME Facial Recognition AFR-200
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TimeGuardian AFR-200 REALTIME Facial Recognition Reader PACKAGE. Ethernet or WiFi, USB Flash Drive ready, read about it below.
  AFR-100 Amano Facial Recognition Time Clock System
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Etherenet or WiFi communications. Face, Prox or PIN registration. Package includes 2 users, 100 employee software, terminal, 6' network cable and operational manual. USB drive data transfer.
  MB1000 facial recognition system Compumatic MB1000 with WiFi
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Facial recognition and fingerprint terminal with 25 employee software - expandable. 90 Days Free USA technical support. See the reports!
  CFR20/20 Compumatic CFR 20/20
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Facial Recognition Time and Attendance System. 25 employees, upgrades to more. WiFi and Ethernet! Many useful reports, very easy to use. Free Shipping USA.
  facial recognition time clock MN2000, MN1000 uAttend MN2000 Facial Recognition Clock
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uAttend facial recognition system. Look-and-go technology. Lifetime clock replacement guarantee. Free Shipping USA.

Facial recognition time clock systems

Facial recognition technology promises several benefits for businesses ranging from the enhanced level of security it provides to accurate automated time tracking capabilities suited for modern workplaces embracing cleanliness standards. Using this system eliminates instances like buddy punching from employees without authorized access to the system due to the ability it grants employers in identifying individual staff based on their unique facial features encouraging proper clock-ins or outs practically eliminating fraudulent activities.

Manual entry errors become non-existent as accuracy increases throughout automated processes eliminating misplaced badges instances thus ensuring accuracy when recording attendance data translating to efficient payroll calculations reducing discrepancies significantly.

Facial recognition technology enhances workplace efficiency by streamlining attendance management reducing wasted hours often leading to loss in productivity within organizations promoting greater inter-departmental effectiveness highlighted by better outputs produced within a shorter timeframe than was initially possible before integrating this system in use.

Employers save payroll expenses as a result of less buddy punching and theft of time by employees which leads to unauthorized overtime.

Misusing work hours leads to redundancy which facial recognition completely eliminates. The system is a touchless solution for employees who don't have to interact with single-use devices reducing the risk of germ transfer between them, especially in industrial settings where sanitary work conditions are crucial.

Facial recognition employee time clocks are scalable and customizable, integrated with other HR and payroll systems.

Finally, this technology ensures compliance with labor laws by recording attendance data accurately and reporting that data while promoting adherence to break times, overtime regulations, and record-keeping requirements. Their offerings constitute a contemporary and expedient resolution for the efficient administration of time tracking and attendance management.