25 card time card rack
Large self-totaling clock time card holder

Universal, expandable time card rack. Holds up to 25 time cards. Easily shortened to less (5, 10, 12 - etc) cards.

Our Price: $29.00
time card holder

25 Slot Time Card Rack for self totaling time clocks

These quality time card racks mount tightly to any wall surface
Card pocket size:  3.5" wide by 6..25" deep. 
Your card must be at least 7.5" long to work with this item.
The test:  Put a ruler up to your time card. The name line must be above the 6 3/4" mark.

Easily reduce it from 25 to 12 or 5 cards. 
Put a 12 card rack to the left of the clock, mark it IN.
Put a 12 or 13 card rack to the right of the clock, mark it OUT.

Now you can see who is IN at a glance.

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