40 Card Badge Rack
Swipe and RFID Card Holder

Credit Card size Badge Rack. 40 slots (2 rows of 20), white. Beige color. Size: About 12" x 24" Fits RFID badges and HID badges.

Retail Price: $40.00
Our Price: $29.00
Badge Rack

Employee Badge Rack

  • Capacity:  40 Badges -> 20 Badges per row
  • Compact 12” x 24“ design
  • Don't carry (and lose) those expensive employee badges!
  • Put them in a card rack.

Many companies get two.  “Why?”Because it's a Management Tool.
You should mark one “IN”  and You should mark one as “OUT”
You can instantly tell who is IN, and who is OUT, by looking at the rack.

Just $29.00 each. They come with the wall mounting hardware.