Icon Proximity card keyfob
Reusable RFID Key Fob for Icon

The proximity card keyfob hangs on a keychain. They just waive it in front of the clock. No one comes to work without their keys!

Retail Price: $4.00
Our Price: $2.50
Prox Keyfob

Icon Time Clock RFID Key Fob!

  • Instead of using a standard Icon proximity card, you could be using a time clock key fob.
  • This is less convenient than just handing a proximity card to a friend when they are running late from lunch, or leaving “early“ that day.



Works perfectly with the Icon proximity clock, Icon SB100, Icon RTC1000, Icon TotalPass and TotalPass Biometric.

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To assign an employee to the keyfob, you do not do this at your computer.

Take the keyfob to the reader.  Sign in to the management functions.
Using the arrows, locate "Assign Badge"
Get to the employee file.by entering their PIN number
Now, hold the keyfob up to the keypad.  Touch it.
This will disable the PIN number at the clock (it will still be in the software)
and replace it at the terminal with the RFID key fob.