16' USB Extension Cable
USB 16' Cable Extension

Amplified USB circuitry extends any USB connection up to 60' long. Use up to 4 of these like extension cords.

Retail Price: $31.00
Our Price: $15.00
USB Cable

Sixteen Foot USB Amplified Extension Cable
- a clever solution
that works great!

Connect it to your computer, and to your USB connector

  • Link up to 4 together (16' each), go out up to 60 feet further!
  • Get off that short leash that confines USB's
  • Also works easily with all other USB devices
  • This is a self-energized amplified USB cable extension, that works!

So what is this, anyway?  Read on....
The USB signals going in and out of the extension cable are buffered to assure signal quality. The circuit board charges-up when not in use. 

This USB Repeater Cable allows a USB device to have its cable length extended by up to an additional 60 feet* by serially connecting these 16 foot cables. The USB Repeater Cable acts as a transparent USB Hub and buffers all downstream and upstream data traffic.