Acroprint Motor & Cam
Acroprint 125/150 Motor and Brass Cam

Acroprint 110AC Motor and Brass Minute Impulse Cam. Do it all at once, do it right. We tell you how to do it. Fits both Acroprint 125 and Acroprint 150 plug in machines.

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acroprint motor

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 21 14 Day Time Card1900L-2 Two Sides Q: 1000$41.00
Click 186 Acroprint AP125 Ribbon 2-PackAP125 AP150 Ribbons$18.00
Click 187 Acroprint PK656 KeyAcroprint mechanical clock key$6.00
Click 134 Acroprint AP125 Push BarAcroprint Time Clock Push Bar$7.25
Click 205 Acroprint 125 Stamp Hammer AssemblyAcroprint 125 stamp and swing arm$26.00
Click 204 Acroprint 150 Stamp Hammer AssemblyAcroprint 150 stamp and swing arm$26.00


Acroprint Motor and Brass Minute Impulse Cam

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We do it this way:  When it loses time, this solves the problem.
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After you remove the minute hand, the hour hand, then the 4 screws that hold the time face on, look at that brass cam.  Is there a deep grove worn in it?  This is a clear indicator that you should replace that old cam.
We can do it for you, send it to us, 1 to 2 day turnaround.
Remember, WD-40 is your best friend when fixing a punch clock!

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