E8-S semi-monthly cards
E8-S: 1,000 cards

Lathem E8-S semi-monthly time card. Two cards per month. Two sided, box of 1000. Ships from our Atlanta office. Sometimes these are on back order. Call us.

Retail Price: $174.00
Our Price: $146.00

E8-S Lathem 2100HD time card

Thermal paper card, designed for the Lathem 2100HD clock
and 800P (discontinued clock)

16 days on each side, enough for semi-monthly AND monthly pay cycles.

You pay on the 1st and 16th...  3rd and 18th...   This is the card for you.
You pay every other week:  Then the E8-B is bi-weekly, that's the card for you. p/n ETC152
You pay ever week. One card per week.  Then the E8 is what you need.  p/n ETC156

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