HP1000 512 employee upgrade
HP 1000 50 to 512 employees EM703

HP1000 upgrade from 50 to 512 employees

Our Price: $470.00

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Click 220 TimeVueLite 250 upgradeTimeVueLite 250 upgrade$285.00


Applies only to the HP1000
Not the HP1000e (network model)

  • Upgrade employee count on the Hand Punch reader to 512, from 50
  • You will need to send - or tell - us the HP serial number
  • To find it:  Tip the terminal down from the wall.  Look on the back.
  • The serial number is 6 digits, right below the barcode.
  • We provide you with detailed step by step instructions on how to do this.
  • You may also call us, and we will walk you through it.
  • It's like having an I.T. department - and a friend - on the phone.
  • It takes just 3 minutes!
  • We make it easy
  • Note:  This does not upgrade the employee software, just the HP reader